Strategy and branding for a high-tech start-up in the art monitoring field

commisioned by Memooria SRL impresa sociale. Milan, 2017

Memooria assists museums, public institutions, collectors and art professionals by combining robotics, computer technologies and scientific analysis to digitize and monitor artworks.

I lead the branding process of the company. From naming and strategy, to the final design of all visual identity elements. We started by analyzing both the visual language of the field of art conservation. Early in the start-upping phase, it became clear that the goal of the company was to become much more than simple art monitoring experts.

Memooria is first of all about protecting the past while looking at the future. “A lost tradition means a lost future” says the Pritzker price architect, Wang Shu. The branding output conveys strength and character, while maintaining the elegance and the sophistication of the cultural field. Precision, tradition and innovation are brought together by using a very technical typeface, with dotted backgrounds and a vivid color palette.

Memooria is the winner of the 2015 edition of Innovazione Culturale, a competition promoted by Cariplo Foundation

Memooria branding strategy

Memooria identity elements

Illustration with light dotted background and colored image

Design outputs

Logo design of all Memooria products and services
Company presentation and brochure
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