New design challenges. From the project of our bodies to the project of the environment that surround us

University course for Politecnico di Milano, with Giulio Ceppi and Francesco Samorè. 2014

‘Estensione’ is the first of 4 teaching modules that make up INTESTERNO, a Final Synthesis Design Studio in Interior Design at Politecnico di Milano, created and coordinated by Giulio Ceppi.

Latest advancements in digital technologies and life sciences are redefining ourselves as human beings. From personal genomics and the 3d printing of organs and prostheses, along with the rise of wearables, smart homes and smart cities, technology is now able to connect the nanoscale inside our bodies to the macro scale of the environment that surround us. Innovation is completely challenging all the notions that we have about design. The borders between biology and technology, body and artificiality, internal and external are starting to completely disappear. In this complex scenario the design profession holds a great deal of new responsibilities on one hand, but can also embrace many new opportunities on the other. With Estensione we tried to explore these concept subjects with the next generation of designers.

Topics and course structure

Visual Identity

3D illustrations


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