Nice264 Online Video Platform

Branding, UI/UX and web design for the first product by NicePeopleAtWork

NicePeopleAtWork is a video analytics company serving the online media industry and offering B2B products for the management of multimedia contents online. Established in 2008 by founders of video streaming service RakutenTV, it has offices in Barcelona, New York and Hong Kong with teams throughout the world. Its main product in 2012 was Nice264 Online Video Platform, used by companies like Wuaki TV, Antena 3, Gol TV among many others, in order to manage content, optimize it and stream it across the internet.

Fabio Besti worked side by side with the executives and the developing team at NPAW to design all the new brand identity of Nice264 OVP and to redesign the existing online platform, improving the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) of the product.

Product Branding

The strongest visual references for describing the company were identified in the in the audio and video imaginary. A special emphasis was placed in finding the right balance between an iconic and exuberant language, which was characteristic of NicePeopleAtWork’s culture, and the rigor required for a highly technological, B2B oriented, business.

For the logo design we focused on the characteristic triangular shape of the “play” button and we worked on it until we found the perfect form in order to be implicitly recognizable while also adding a dynamic and multidimensional look that could portray well the power of product. We decided to accompany the logo with dark backgrounds to provide the mood of video and screen interfaces, and chose Century Gothic typeface to provide a technological and elegant language to all the visual communication.

The platform re-design

The core of Nice264 OVP, is a web based application, where terabytes of videos are continuously uploaded, managed, edited and controlled by client leading companies in the online media field.  Fabio Besti was tasked with the redesign of the existing platform, improving the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) and bridging the gap between the existing product and company’s new identity.

We redesigned all the pages, creating a more easy to understand information hierarchy, customized interactive infographics along with an improved search engine, that dramatically speeded up content finding and editing. The number of graphic elements and pages were consistently reduced and conformed between one and the other, so that the overall user experience would require a lighter cognitive effort, while providing a more intuitive workflow.


In order to design the promotional channel of the product, a compelling work of organization and strategy had to be done.

I worked with the team of NicePeopleAtWork to select, gather and illustrate platform features and service’s selling points. For the website we adopted a 4 main pages solution where information can be easily accessed.

Achieving clarity and simplicity had been possible thanks to the creation of custom iconsets, illustrations and infographics useful to communicate informations visually. Images are definitely more powerful than words, especially when you have to communicate a lot of technical informations and features.

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