Bassetti Foundation Storytelling


Animated video storytelling for a nonprofit organization

for Fondazione Giannino Bassetti, with Stefano Agabio & Studio Ianus. 2016

Fondazione Giannino Bassetti is an important non-profit organization that works for promoting responsibility in innovation. It brings together different entities such as political authorities, corporations, financial associations and research institutions and discuss the impact of innovation in a wide range of fields: from biotechnologies to neuroscience, from robotics and artificial intelligence to design and 3d printing. The intricacy of these themes along with the complexity of the way the Foundation operates, underlined a lack of clarity in communicating its nature and mission. They asked us to conceive an audiovisual piece that could illustrate easily and effectively their history, their mission and their wide range of activities. We came up with the idea of an animated storytelling that, through very well known examples of innovations, could depict the depth of the themes surrounding Responsible Innovation and the long history of the Foundation. We worked together with their team during a period of three months to mock-up the storyboard, to identify together several innovation examples in order to convey the message of the video. At the same time we started to also design all the visual language and the illustrations for the piece. In the final part of the process we teamed up with Stefano Agabio and Studio Ianus, who took over the motion graphic and the animation work to finalize the piece.

Moodboard and visual identity



Concept and creative direction: Fabio Besti

Animation and motion design: Stefano Agabio and Studio Ianus

Copywriting: Francesco Samorè

Supervision: Francesco Samorè, Tommaso Correale Santacroce, Stella Zaccaria

Sound editing: Fabio Besti, Stefano Agabio

Music: We Are Victorious by Alumo

Special Thanks: Virginia SanchiniAngela SimoneMargherita Fronte


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