Acrilico stool

Product concept design for a piezoelectric lighting stool

Acrilico is product concept design for a lighting stool that uses piezoelectric technology as a source of energy. The characteristic “C” shape has been designed to cause continuous deformations in the structure. These deformations are converted by piezoelectric sensors into electricity to power the lighting base. The name “Acrilico” highlights the homage to Joe Colombo and his Lampada Acrilica designed in 1962 for Oluce in 1962, a prominent Italian furniture manufacturer, specialized in lighting appliances. Colombo’s lamp uses transparent curved methacrylate to transmit light from the base to the top of the lamp, and diffuse it on the table. Acrilico was designed by Fabio Besti in the Industrial Design Laboratory during his second year at Politecnico di Milano. The brief given to students was about designing a disruptive and innovative piece of furniture. By researching and experimenting with sketches, models and prototypes he explored product ideas that would give the experience of sitting a whole new meaning.

Acrilico can light up using the energy caused by user subtle movements

The product concept design

Project tribute and inspiration: Lampada Acrilica by Joe Colombo, manufactured by Oluce. 1962, Italy.

T226-H4-503 generators by Piezo System create electricity through deformations of the structure. Manufacturer
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