Hello to Spectr. A new perspective on society through design and tech innovation

After a long period of conceptualization, I’m happy to finally launch a brand new research and dissemination project. An opportunity to revisit much of the investigation work I normally do for my design and teaching activities and restructure it into a form of storytelling accessible to everybody.

This is Spectr.

An online communication channel and a tool for reflection, that will analyze those innovation signals and iconic projects, loaded with historic and symbolic value, capable of impacting our culture and minds.
An attempt to create an evolutionary perspective on the past, present, and future society through the lenses of designtechnology, and speculative thinking.

We’re at the early stages and the main medium will be Instagram, where content will be shared more often and more comprehensively. I will use also Linkedin and Facebook, with different modalities according to the differences of the platforms and audiences.

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Psychology and design: a new exciting chapter

Big news. After much reflection, I’ve decided to transform one of my biggest passions into a new path of evolution for myself and my profession. I enrolled in university again and started to study for the Bachelor’s Degree in Psychological Science and Techniques at Guglielmo Marconi’s University.

Psychology for me has always been a constant interest, cultivated on the side for more than 10 years now, and has highly influenced the way I approach and practice design.

New perspectives, competencies, and knowledge will allow me to finally cross and intersect these two worlds in a very concrete way. I will be able to expand many of the themes and topics that already characterize my approach to design: like the relationship between form, artifacts, and the creation of meaning, the field of perception and sensoriality, the role of design and communication and how they influence people and behaviors, and last but not least, the impact of innovation of humans and society.

All topics that I’m already touching with my teaching activities, that now will be able to benefit from a systematic approach and rely on solid, academic foundations. Stay tuned for new projects and evolutions on the subject.

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