A summary of the Envisioning workshop that I led last spring and summer for Domus Academy is now published on my website. Titled “The New Normal – A new tool for COVID19 and after”, the course saw students from all over the world work remotely to envision the long-term impact of the pandemic on society, in a scenario spanning between 2025 and 2050.

Started with a workshop and ended with 17 final graduation projects and theses, this interesting journey touched upon several disciplines: design research, users and market analysis, scenario building, speculative design, and of course all the main phases of a product design development process. Students adopted an interdisciplinary approach and succeeded in translating the challenges and opportunities into innovative products and solutions for our future, transformed way of living.

As a case study on the website, I analyze the entire process, covering also the lectures, the exercises, and the topics presented, with a final showcase of the projects developed by students.

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