Concept and art direction of CGI video for Benetton stores’ videowalls

with Dani Pearson, developed at Escola Elisava and commissioned by Fabrica, 2012

Benetton, along with its creative research center Fabrica, was looking for multimedia artworks to enhance its summer campaign in stores. The brief was really direct and simple: the piece would have to communicate the spirit of summer, emphasizing Benetton’s distinctive imaginary of colorfulness and happiness. We came up with the idea of reinventing the story of how popsicles are made, in a completely unconventional and fictional way: in another world particles of water combine through temperature decrease and other unknown forces, merging together and freezing; creating large clouds of popsicles that, due to certain climatic changes, explode throwing ice-creams in every direction.

United Colors of Benetton – Milan, Piazza del Duomo – Barcelona, Portal de l’Àngel


Night view on video-walls in Barcelona’s Benetton store – Portal de l’Angel

Video Frames

CGI and the making of

Fluid simulation and meshing in Realflow, animation and rendering in Cinema 4D


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