Concept redesign of the famous electric diffuser

with Maria Arranz, Ferran Palau and Olga Pedreira. Developed at Escola Elisava, Barcelona, 2011.

The overall redesign focused on improving functionality and reducing manufacturing costs while adding a more captivating look to the object. All the process started by studying the existing product trying to understand in every detail its functional and mechanical features. Despite the little size of the artefact the initial step took quite a long time. The key point of the project was understanding the relation between its usability and the mechanics of components, once we got there we succeeded in finding a solution that permitted to completely get rid of an internal component. This operation would dramatically reduce the amount of material and the complexity of production. The process of simplification let us also achieve a sleek and user friendly aesthetic, which gave a completely new identity to the object.

Existing product and design analysis

Object Redesign

The absorbing stick gets closer to the resistence with the rotation of the base, causing a greater diffusion of the scent in the air.

Embossed indications in the plastic indicate the intesity of vaporization


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