A new paradigm for body – space interaction

Roca’s Jump the Gap contest, 2012

Equilibrio, balance. Balance of a space’s architecture, of a design, but also balance as a psychophysical necessity of human beings. In this frenetic age the bathroom, the space that ancients used to consider the center of the human well-being is now just a short-stay passage, that we use before work and before sleep. We need today more than ever a space where we can forget outside world, an environment to think, to calm down and regenerate our overloaded and stressed minds; focusing on our soul, our body, our ‘naked’ self. These anthropological necessities are translated in shapes and volumes, encouraging the soul and the body to stay at the center of the space, surrounding them with the simplicity of colors and forms, and refreshing them with the pure flowing of water.

Main view of the shower configuration

Equilibrio concept details 


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