Energetically autonomous street light, powered by solar panels

Concept design with DiBari Innovation Design, Miami. 2013

The Pencil Light is a concept I developed for DiBari Innovation Design LLC, prior of serving as their Creative Coordinator and Development Manager. DiBari Innovation Design focuses on putting together very iconic visual language with cutting edge technologies. This is also main concept behind this project. A technical partner developed a solar technology able to make a street lamp completely autonomous from the grid, by wrapping it around with photovoltaic panels. I worked with DiBari -ID by first researching figurative metaphors that could transform this system into an iconic urban object. Through an extensive period of researching and sketching, we found that the ‘knotted pencil’ was an optimal match between iconic form and technical requirements for the technology to work. I then developed the whole concept transforming it from a sketch to an actual 3D geometry ready to be rendered and qualified to go under a further engineering phase.

Concept Visualizations

Day and Night outdoors

Detail images


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