UX/UI, interaction and exhibition design for a technology assisted museum experience

with Enjoymuseum, commisioned by Giunti Arte Mostre Musei, 2016
AppGuide+ is the new app for exhibitions and museums promoted by Giunti Arte Mostre Musei. It serves as an augmented audioguide and enables a rich set of new experiences. This project is the culmination of my activity as Head of Design and User Experience for Enjoymuseum. It puts together all the previous work done during the research and experimentation phases. The first setting for AppGuide+ was Leonardiana in Vigevano: one of the most complete museum about Leonardo da Vinci’s life and works. We took the first Enoymuseum app prototype and redesigned it from the ground up to serve all the different exhibitions of Giunti Arte Mostre Musei. I also designed all the other elements complementing the AppGuide+ experience: such as vertical graphics, audioguide signage, informational and promotional material.
AppGuide+ is available for both Android and iOS:
An overview of the AppGuide+ at Leonardiana

The app and the museum experience

Design goals and app features

The UX/UI design pivots around three core objectives: 1. Create continuity between physical and digital environment; 2. Expand the museum experience in time and space; 3. Meet the different interests and the needs of different type of visitors. To do so, we adopted several solutions : 1. Color neutral UI elements and a modular background system that matches rooms and artworks colors. 2. Previews and memories that let visitors engage with the exhibition before arriving at the museum and after having experienced it. 3. A layered navigation focused primarily on audio contents, let both the more distracted and the more interested users easily find what they’re looking for.

AppGuide+ Leonardiana Museum Experience - Architecture
AppGuide+ Leonardiana Museum Experience - Features
Museum Experience - Audioguide

Leonardiana museum in Vigevano

The first installation of the system was done in Vigevano at Leonardiana, the most complete museum about Leonardo da Vinci’s life and works. The space, designed by Migliore + Servetto Architects, presents a regular sequence of rooms and sections. When visitors enter each section, Appguide+ automatically loads the corresponding Room Overview (location based technology). Vertical graphics introduce each room and confirm, visually, that what comes up on the display is exactly the right content.

AppGuide+ Leonardiana Museum Experience - Navigation
AppGuide+ Leonardiana Museum Experience - Panels
AppGuide+ Leonardiana Museum Experience - Close up

Vertical graphics accompany visually the room introduction screen on the app

Graphic and promotional material

AppGuide+ Museum Experience - Audio symbols
Audio content digital and physical signals
AppGuide+ Leonardiana Museum Experience - Signage
Roll-ups, instruction panels and desktop displays promote the experience outside and inside the museum

AppGuide+ further concepts and installations

Proposal for Keith Haring. About Art exhibition, Palazzo Reale, Milan 2017

AppGuide+ Museum Experience - Keith Haring
AppGuide+ Museum Experience - Keith Haring
Key visualizations of the proposals for Keith Haring exhibition at Palazzo Reale, 2017


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