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An interdisciplinary approach to research, investigating the intersections between humanity and artificiality, biology and technology, perception and design.
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The Self At Your Wrist. Wearable Technologies, Self-Perception and Identity at the Threshold of a New Quantified Existence.

Article commissioned by Giannino Bassetti Foudation, Milan. December 9th, 2014.

The Self At Your Wrist.

Tracking devices and data about ourselves are starting to make something that before was invisible and internal, such our self-consciousness and self-perception, visible externally and ‘wearable’ on our wrists. What will be the consequence for human self-identity when devices will have the power to sense things even we can’t perceive? Will a device be the holder and the owner or our self-worth? Where will we find a reference for our self-esteem? Aren’t our Selves threatened to be annihilated?