Fabio Besti

I like to define my self an interdisciplinary designer. My work, in fact, puts together multiple disciplines such as strategic, graphic, interaction and product design, in order to create meaningful and valuable innovation for people and brands.

In today’s fluid reality, where the border between digital and physical has already disappeared, the key factor and the ultimate goal for companies must be designing and creating meaning, not just artifacts.

My approach and my field of research focus on the relation between people and the artificial, and the possibilities that they have to influence one another. I’m really interested in the challenges that technological innovation brings into society and life, as it continues to blur the border between body and artifacts, between psychological and digital, between bits and atoms.
In 2013 for my master degree in Product Design for Innovation at Politecnico di Milano, I wrote a thesis on wearable technology, developing a project in collaboration with the San Francisco based brand Jawbone that explored new possibilities of interaction between people and technology.

I work also as a researcher and a teaching assistant at Politecnico di Milano. In 2014, inside the Final Synthesis Design Studio in Interior Design directed by professor Giulio Ceppi, I taught my own academic course together with Francesco Samorè, entitled Estensione, which focused on how innovation is redefining ourselves as human beings, creating an interconnected artificiality that can link the nanoscale of the inside of our bodies to the macro scale of the environment that surround us.

I’m established in Milan now, but I also worked and lived in Barcelona and Miami. In Spain I studied at Elisava – Escola de Disseny de Barcelona and worked as an Interaction and Graphic designer for NicePeopleAtWork, in the multimedia field. In the US I was Creative Coordinator and Development Manager for DiBari Innovation Design, working mainly in architecture.


“We don’t see the physical qualities of things but what they mean to us,
what they can afford us to do with them, how they could affect us.”

– Klaus Krippendorff




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