not just artifacts

“We don’t see the physical qualities of things but what they mean to us,
what they can afford us to do with them, how they could affect us” - Klaus Krippendorff

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Some informations about me and my design studio philosophy

I define my self an interdisciplinary designer and researcher.

In today’s fluid reality, the key factor and the ultimate goal for companies must be designing and creating meaning, not just artifacts.

To accomplish that design should evolve from a simple ‘collector’ of separated specialties, into a wider holistic discipline that focuses on creating meaningful experiences and values across different mediums.

My research activity focuses on the relation between people and artificiality and wants to reflect on the challanges that technological innovation brings into society and life, as the border between body and artifacts, psychological and material, bits and atoms, continues to blur.

Working on these themes I grew a deep interest in neuroscience, psychology and the human perception.

I hold a Master Degree in Product Design for Innovation at Politecnico di Milano, obtained in 2013 disscussing a thesis on wearable computing and developing a project in collaboration with Jawbone.

In 2014 I created and taught with Francesco Samorè and Giulio Ceppi Estensione, a university course at Politecnico di Milano that explored the latest innovations in technology and life sciences, to shape new futurisc scenarios for the design profession.

Since 2015 I’m a senior consultant for Giannino Bassetti Foundation and from 2016 I’m a member of SMART-map, a project financed by the EU on Responsible Research Innovation in the fields of synthetic biology, 3D printing in the biomedical field and precision medicine.

From 2015 to 2016 I served as a Head of Design and User Experience for Enjoymuseum, working on bringing the power of technology in museums and cultural spaces.

In the past I’ve also worked and lived in Barcelona and Miami. In 2015 I came back to Milan to establish my own design studio.


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